In conjunction with the British-Ukrainian Aid, Ukrainian Freedom Fund and EBRD Community Initiative, USAS helped a team of students to raise $100,000 to procure and deliver three 4x4, used ambulances, 59 two-way radios and two repeaters to Kryvyi Rih, a frontline city in the Southeast Ukraine.
Together with Nova Ukraine, USAS helped to secure $2.1 million donation from Pioneer Natural Resources and the Koret Foundation. Thanks to this generous gift, USAS and Nova Ukraine pursued several, rapid, high-impact, humanitarian initiatives in Ukraine.
Some Stanford students helped lead an event to bring groups together to show support for Ukraine. Outlet: NBC Bay Area 
The event featured high-profile speakers like former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul and Kraine Consulate General Dmytro Kushneruk. Outlet: […]
USAS collected 606,700 insulin doses worth approximately $220,000 from individual donors.
In conjunction with Nova Ukraine, the Ukrainian Association of Washington State (“UAWS”), the Ukrainian American Cultural Association of Oregon (“UACAO”), USAS secured ~32 tons of medicine and medical supplies of the approximate total value of $3.5 million.
A coalition of local Ukrainian Americans, ex-U.S. military vets and Stanford MBA students organized an airlift of 32 tons of […]
Some Stanford Students are going the extra mile to support Ukraine, sending over $3.5 Million dollars in medical supplies. Supplies […]
The Daily spent six hours with Kate Sliunkova MBA ’22 at the Coordination Hub, the center of student advocacy efforts […]