Since February 24, we have been tirelessly working on a multitude of missions to enable relief support for Ukraine. In under six months, we’ve accomplished:

32 tons of medical supplies delivered

Including 600k+ doses of insulin

TeleHelp Ukraine platform launched

To provide free and secure access to online medical and mental health consultations

Don’t Fund War online resource

To bring radical transparency to business continuing to operate and finance Russia

Explore USAS Projects

Project Independence Day

Donate ambulances to leaders on the ground in Kriviy Rih, Ukraine

Humanitarian Missions

Coordinate critical supplies needed for on-the-ground efforts.

30K for Ukrainian Pilots

Donate wearable navigation technology for pilots.

Stand with Ukraine

Express support for the crisis in Ukraine.

TeleHelp Ukraine

Providing online and free medical consultation and information for Ukrainians.

Don’t Fund War

A free, comprehensive online resource providing transparency on business that continue to operate in Russia.

Ever contribution makes a difference

Your support, whether financial or participation, helps us continue providing aid.