Lend Your Time

Volunteer in campaigns, lend your expertise, or help USAS build the right partnerships.

Donate Items

Give new or pre-loved items needed for Ukraine relief. As the crisis in Ukraine evolve, discover which items are needed.

Contribute Funds

Provide funds to support humanitarian missions and delivery of critical supplies on-the-ground.

Volunteer Opportunities

TeleHelp Ukraine

Join the TeleHelp Ukraine team to help with logistical and IT support, outreach and fundraising for this effort. Bilinguals without medical training can provide help with outreach, patient support and translations

Lobbying & Introductions

Help us by connecting us with or telling us about institutions and corporations interested in social impact projects. We are also looking for social impact grants and foundations with a focus on humanitarian help.


Join the army of volunteers – there are plenty of ways to help with your time and skills, both remotely and physically in your community.

Don’t Fund War

Join our campaigns by writing physical and digital letters, engaging in social-media boycotts to demand transparency from international corporations about their status of operations in Russia and pressure to cut ties with Russia.

Item Donations

Devices for Education

Give new or pre-loved hardware – smartphones, tablets, laptops – to enable remote education and access to telehealth to displaced children.

Personal Care Packages for Refugees

Details coming soon!

Contribute Funds

Missions Run by Stanford Students

Come back for upcoming missions run by Stanford students.

Missions Run by Our Trusted Partners

United 24

Initiative by The President Zelensky

Direct Help to Families in Ukraine

Founded by GSB Alum, Igor Khmel

Kids Focused NGO Hromada

With zero overhead costs

Nova Ukraine


Ukrainian American Coordinating Council