By Josh Pickering, Andrei Molchynsky, Kate Sliunkova

Together with Nova Ukraine, USAS helped to secure $2.1 million donation from Pioneer Natural Resources and the Koret Foundation. Thanks to this generous gift, USAS and Nova Ukraine pursued several, rapid, high-impact, humanitarian initiatives in Ukraine including: 

  • The purchase and delivery of critical medical equipment, such as anesthesia machines, portable X-ray machines, portable ultrasound, fluoroscopy & angiogram machines, and portable ventilators to over 20 hospitals throughout Ukraine (~$1.4 million)
  • Emergency medical supplies to regional hospitals in Dnipro and Kryvyi Rih (~$0.4 million)
  • In collaboration with a Swiss-registered non-profit Enkidu and a Polish-Ukrainian non-profit Be A Hero, fully-equipped ambulances for Kharkiv (1), Kramatorsk (1), Palanka (1), and Zaporizhzhia (3)
  • Funded the operating costs for the telehealth network TeleHelp Ukraine, providing medical consultations to displaced Ukrainians
  • Funded the donor-to-user module Enkidu, partnering with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health’s procurement arm to automate the medical supply donation request, procurement, and delivery process

USAS are incredibly grateful for Pioneer’s exemplary generosity and civic engagement.