By Alyssa Virker, Sierra Duren, Kyrylo Korol

We are so grateful to have been able to co-host a wonderful panel with the Stern Leadership Academy! The Stern Leadership Academy visited Stanford as part of its educational program for emerging leaders from European countries, including Ukraine.

Ievgeniia Bodnya, a consultant at the Reform Delivery Office in Ukraine, spoke about legal and public policy hurdles facing Ukraine in the wake of a full-scale russian invasion, and Solomiya Borshosh, an executive director of the Ukrainian Institute, shared her vision on Ukraine’s public image abroad as well as how it is affected by civil society development of nearby countries, such as Poland.

USAS was represented by Solomiia (Sol) Savchuk, M.D.’24, and Kyrylo Korol, J.D.’25. Sol spoke about her volunteer-led project Telehelp Ukraine which enables Ukrainians in need to get free consultations with medical professionals around the world. Kyrylo, a USAS co-president, shared his previous experiences working on anti-corruption in Ukraine and his vision for the organization’s activities on campus next academic year.

We are very inspired by the many young professionals that will be key in Ukraine’s reconstruction, and we ask everyone to support Ukraine’s victory right now, so this future will come as soon as possible. Thank you for your dedication and support!