By Alex Clark, Andrei Molchynsky, Sierra Duren, Kate Sliunkova

In conjunction with the British-Ukrainian Aid, Ukrainian Freedom Fund and EBRD Community Initiative, USAS helped a team of students to raise $100,000 to procure and deliver three 4×4, used ambulances, 59 two-way radios and two repeaters to Kryvyi Rih, a frontline city in the Southeast Ukraine.

Due to frequent attacks against ambulances, health workers and hospitals that have degraded emergency medical care capabilities, Kriviy Rih, President Zelensky’s hometown, has been struggling to provide medical support for all the refugees fleeing conflict as well as the wounded military personnel.

Two Stanford MBA students, Alexander Clark and Andrei Molchynsky co-led the mission to help ease the grave realities of a full-fledged war. Brian Bui, a Harvard MBA student, Sam Ashley, a Ross-Michigan MBA student, Jonathan Klein, a Master’s candidate at John Hopkins, and Sean O’Donnell, a Canadian businessman, joined the mission.

The team personally delivered the supplies to local officials on August 24 – modern Ukraine’s Independence Day.

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