By Dan Kamets, Andrei Molchynsky

USAS collected 606,700 insulin doses worth approximately $220,000 from individual donors.

The lack of proper, cold-chain transport options for high-value, high-impact pharmaceuticals to Ukraine made this goal a particular challenge. Thanks to Michael Rettig from LIFT Non-Profit Disaster Logistics and the World Hope International, USAS was given access to a private jet that traveled from Atlanta, GA to Chișinău, Moldova.

USAS partnered with a local logistics operator to deliver the insulin supplies to the Moldova-Ukraine border crossing where the representatives of Kryvyi Rih City Hospital #3 collected the cargo to deliver it to the end-users in the Kryvyi Rih metropolitan area. At the request of the Moldovan Ministry of Health, USAS allocated a portion of the insulin supplies to the Ukrainian refugees in Moldova.

This mission has provided insulin for ~400 diabetics for at least 30 days.

Special thanks to Ms. Tamar Sofer-Geri for her help in coordinating in-kind donations from individual donors in the Bay Area.