USAS, the Freeman Spogli Institute, Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law, and Stanford faculty organized a powerful panel consisting of Ukrainian leaders, movers and shakers (Oleksandra Ustinova, Oleksandra Matviichuk, Serhiy Leshchenko, and Oleksiy Honcharuk), to discuss current war efforts, plans for the future and specific ways the world can continue to support. Professor Michael McFaul, who moderated the event, asked the panelists to opine on their perspectives and efforts on fighting the war and rebuilding Ukraine. Each panelist expressed guarded optimism in Ukraine’s victory, in that, while victory is imminent, it will not be easy. Unequivocally expressed by each panelist is that Ukraine is now the center for, and example of bravery, freedom and democracy. The panelists were eternally grateful for the support of the United States and other western allies in the continued financial, humanitarian, tactical and geopolitical support. Professor McFaul asked what is that one thing that Americans need to understand about Ukraine. The panelists reflected the sentiment that the Ukrainians, who are on the frontlines, and the Americans in the back, together, are destroying the biggest prison in the world. Through victory, the social energy of all free nations will be released. This war of civilizations is a fight between democracy and totalitarian regimes. The panelists commented that to be brave in this world means to be safe, which is a right that should be provided to all. Ukraine is leading the fight against terrorism and evil, and asks for all nations to continue this support.

An edited recording of the panel is available below.