USAS organized a school wide rally at White Plaza on February 24, 2023, partnering with ASPICHI STUDIO, a Ukrainian development company in the virtual reality and teleportation space (ASPICHI), and the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL). ASPICHI and VHIL paired virtual reality content with virtual headsets to provide Stanford students the rare opportunity to ‘teleport’ to Ukraine and see first hand certain scenes from Ukraine that made the current war and Ukrainian efforts more palpable.

Hundreds of students gathered at White Plaza to hear from Ukrainians and friends sharing their perspective and personal stories of fighting this war. After one year of the full-scale illegal invasion of Ukraine by russia, and after 9 years of russia’s war against Ukraine, there is no part in Ukraine that has been untouched by the war.

The rally was a stark reminder of the continuing efforts of Ukrainians in the front lines and a call to continue the much appreciated support from the global community.